Terms and Conditions (Terms)

Your use of InSite Software is conditioned upon your acceptance and compliance with these Terms.


When Does My Subscription Start?
Your subscription begins on the date we receive a successful payment.

How Do I Renew My Subscription?
Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the one year subscription period. An email will be sent to announce the pending charge in advance.

Is The Price The Same Throughout The Subscription Period?
Payment for the first year is paid in advance. After the first year, the one-year renewal subscription is automatically billed each month and is fixed for a year. The price remains fixed throughout the subscription period. Prices may change, but only on the next year’s renewal, and we will always inform you beforehand.

Adding Additional Licenses

What If I Need to Purchase Additional Licenses? 
Additional licenses can be purchased by calling (877)746-7483, M-F, 8am-5pm ET.

Subscription Cancellation

Do I Receive A Refund if I Cancel?
You can receive a full refund if you cancel within 14 days of your initial purchase and you have completed an onboarding session with one of our trainers.

What Happens If I Cancel After 14 Days?
If you cancel more than 14 days after your initial purchase, your yearly payment is non-refundable. Monthly payments are non-refundable.

What Happens To The Renewal If I Let My Subscription Lapse?
Subscription lapse is treated as a new sale with a pre-paid full year.

Legacy Perpetual Maintenance Lapse

What Happens If My Perpetual License Maintenance Lapses?
Perpetual licenses with an annual software update/support are converted to subscription if a lapse occurs. Subscription pricing is listed here.

Cloud Activation

How Does InSite’s Cloud Activation Work? 
Information about cloud activation can be found here.

Customer Data

What Happens To My Files If I Cancel Or Uninstall?
InSite SiteWork/Elevation files are local installations. Files are not uninstalled and remain in their original location.

Supported Version

What Version Of InSite Is Supported? 
The most current version of the software is the only supported version. If you have a problem and call our technical support department, and are not running the most recent version available, you will be first instructed to update. This may cause an interruption of your progress at the worst time. In some cases, you may need your IT department to help, causing additional delays. Therefore, we recommend you always install and use the latest updates from InSite.

Our team works hard to provide updates which can include new features, current feature stability and maximize overall product performance. Getting ahead of problems by loading the latest version will save you and us time so we can stay focused on the next big thing.

What If I Need Installation/Upgrade Help From My Company’s IT Department?
Nobody understands the importance of updates more than your IT personnel. Inform them immediately when you see an update notification.

What If I Need InSite’s Help?
Installation help is available to subscription and perpetual customers with current maintenance contracts M-F, 8 am-5 pm ET. Call 877.746.7483.

Hardware Keys

What If I Am Using A Hardware Key?
We no longer support any version of InSite using a hardware key to run. If you still have a hardware key find out how to upgrade by calling our office M-F, 8 am-5 pm ET at 877.746.7483.

Technical Support

InSite Technical Support: (800) SITEHELP (748-3435)
Customers in Puerto Rico call (585)533-1967

InSite Software uses GoToAssist for remote screen sharing/access during technical support sessions. This allows our staff to support, train, and help customers efficiently. GoToAssist security details are available here.
Security practices that prevent use of GoToAssist hinders our ability to help can significantly hinder or even prevent a satisfactory outcome.


File Support

File support for CAD, PDF, data collector/done import, or scale corrections is guaranteed next business day (M-F).


I’m A New User. How Do I Receive Training?
Each license comes with one on-boarding session that familiarizes the customer with the InSite take-off platform, file creation and data input methods. Scheduling with our training specialist takes place immediately after payment and the training lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours. This is the quickest way to faster, more accurate and verifiable take-off.
A complete tutorial in PDF format and accompanying video is used to continue training after on-boarding.

Last Updated 7/2022

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